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Litigation Consulting

Computer forensics is a quickly growing industry that provides valuable services to attorneys and their clients. Computer forensics experts use their skills in data recovery, analysis, and investigation to help attorneys build strong cases. In addition, computer forensics experts often work with attorneys to develop strategies for using electronically stored information (ESI) in litigation.

Computer forensics also helps attorneys understand the adversary's electronic discovery strategy and plan their own discovery accordingly. As the use of ESI in litigation continues to grow, the demand for computer forensics experts will only increase. Computer forensics experts who are able to provide high-quality services and who stay up-to-date on the latest trends will be in high demand by attorneys and their clients.

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Litigation Support

As with all forms of forensic investigation, computer forensics follows a methodical process in order to ensure the integrity of the evidence. The first step is to create an image of the digital media, which can be either a bit-stream copy or a file level copy. Once the image has been created, it is then analyzed using various techniques, including data carving, email analysis, and metadata extraction. The results of the analysis are then documented in a report, which can be used as evidence in a court of law.

Expert Witness

Expert witnesses are individuals who have been recognized by the court as having specialized knowledge in a particular area. Expert witnesses may be called to testify about their area of expertise, or to provide opinion testimony about a matter within their area of expertise. Expert witnesses must be able to provide objective and unbiased testimony, and must be qualified by their education, training, or experience. In some cases, an expert witness may also be allowed to offer opinion testimony about the credibility of another witness. Expert witnesses play an important role in ensuring that the court has access to accurate and reliable information.

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